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Diagrams, graphs, and plots

You can use The Geochemist's Workbench to render your data and modeling results in a broad variety of graphical formats. Create a diagram and copy and paste it into your document or illustration program. The GWB is compatible with software in common use, including MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, and Adobe Illustrator.

Browse the sections below to see a sampling of graphics generated with the GWB. Click on any diagram for a close-up view, or more information.

If you have installed the GWB software, click on the icon shown underneath each diagram to open the app pre-configured to calculate the diagram shown. (If two or more GWB icons appear, save all files to your desktop, then double-click on the first.)

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The diagrams in this section show
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PowerPoint file: PPT


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Movies and more diagrams

Please visit the main GWB website to browse the movies and additional diagrams you can produce when you model reaction paths and reactive transport with GWB Standard or GWB Professional.